What About All-Inclusive Vacations in the United States?

How many of you have searched for “all-inclusive resorts on the web and the only results that show are for destinations like the Caribbean or Mexico? Sure, those places have the most all-inclusive hotels compared to anywhere else. But what if you are looking for something in the U.S. by chance? Not too many.

Here’s a tip: while American hotels may not advertise their properties as being “all-inclusive”, don’t look the other way.  Chances are many have what’s called an “Optional Dining Plan” available.  Take Walt Disney World Resorts for example. Although they don’t have any “all-inclusive” hotels, Disney does give you the option of purchasing several different dining plans to choose from. Those at which, depending on the size of the family (and your appetite), can be very cost efficient. We all know that Disney World isn’t cheap! Purchasing one of the optional Disney Dining Plans can save families up to $1000 per family.   And the nice thing about the Disney Dining Plans is that there are 5 different plans to choose from which is perfect for all budgets.

 There are many other options of having that all-inclusive vacation if you want to stay in the U.S. rather than travelling out of the country. The Club Med Sandpiper Resort in Port St. Lucia, Florida is another great family destination where meals are included. Dude Ranches across the U.S. are also becoming increasingly popular “meals included” choice for families. 

Twilight Discount Travel is a Certified Disney Specialist and a Certified All-Inclusive Specialist Travel Agency.  Contact us at dawn@twilightdiscounttravel.com for booking information and help on these all-inclusive vacation destinations in the U.S., or any other destination.

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