Helpful Tips Before You Book Your All-Inclusive Vacation

As a discount all-inclusive vacation specialist, I’ve found that clients seem to have some concern as to why hotels that consider themselves “all-inclusive”, exclude certain things that other all-inclusive place don’t. Like, why they have to pay for round trip airport transfers when they have booked their vacation at an all-inclusive resort? I get the same question: “Why do we have to pay for transfers when the hotel is supposed to be all-inclusive? Isn’t that supposed to be included?”  My answer: “No hotel is the same.”

When you book an “all-inclusive” vacation, keep that in mind. The term “all-inclusive” may have different meaning to each hotel.  Some offer transfers, some don’t.  Some include water activities like snorkeling boat trips, some don’t.  Some offer free babysitting and kids clubs, letting parents take some alone time while their little ones are supervised in a play area. Yet some charge extra for those services.  Some even go as far as to include only 2 meals/day, rather than the standard 3 meals/day. Same with beverages. Take a cruise line for instance.  Cruise vacations include meals, but not drinks. Plus you have to tip. Whereas at most hotels, drinks and tips are included.

So next time you are planning an all-inclusive vacation, remember, look at everything that you are paying for up front. Do some research on different hotels and resorts to see if there are any inclusions that are a must for you that are not “excluded” from your all-inclusive vacation package.

My suggestion for a hands down super all-inclusive vacation are the Sandals & Beaches Resorts.  They offer the most for your money. Sandals Resorts, located in Jamaica, St. Lucia, Bahamas, and Antigua are all-inclusive, ADULTS only. Beaches Resorts, located in Jamaica and Turks & Caicos, are all-inclusive FAMILY resorts.  When they say all-inclusive, they mean it!  They offer superb, luxury style accommodations and amenities at an affordable price. They are also the leader in Destination Weddings and Honeymoons.  I was married at Sandals in St. Lucia and let me tell you, they were outstanding!!!

I am an Authorized Sandals and Beaches Agent and receive excellent EXCLUSIVE rates with them.  I also am a Certified Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Specialist.  If you are looking at destinations on where to have your Destination Wedding or Honeymoon, send me a holler.  I can provide you with suggestions, expert advice, and help in planning that MAGICAL AND MEMORABLE wedding and/or honeymoon package.

Contact me at for questions, info, price quotes.  Or you can click on my link, Twilight Discount Travel and fill out a vacation quote form.


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